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Contact Center Consultants

Our Contact Center consulting services offer proven Strategies for improving Customer Service for the Financial, Retail, Utility, Transportation, Software, Service, and High tech businesses and Healthcare systems. Our consulting expertise helps firms optimize and improve through our data driven recommendations. We shy away from the templatized approach because everyone is different.

Founded in 1988, Kramer & Associates is a technology vendor-neutral Call Center Consulting firm. We are the world’s oldest independent, dedicated, and most authoritative Customer Service Consulting firm. We are leaders in our space having guided some of the most respected US companies in achieving their Customer Service goals.

We have provided the Global Contact Center model for IBM. We have provided the definitive Electronic Business Unit Re-engineering customer contact model for Charles Schwab. We have provided the Smart Meter transformation strategies and tactics for Southern California Edison Customer engagement. We have also provided the USAA workforce consolidation strategy model and center of excellence implementation. Every assignment begins with Assessment.

“Our consulting methodology is our key differentiator” ™. In defining with clarity key company strategies buy-in and leadership visioning is necessary. Bridging the gap from strategy to completeness in tactical steps and assisting successful transformation execution is then possible. Our "actionable discovery and analysis" keeps everyone on the same page. We are flexible toward SOW adjustment in our Review & Recommendations process.

Contact Center Consulting Methodologies

It is our differentiator. Our methodology is proprietary and grounded in an end-to-end discovery approach, personalized “no surprises” delivery and extensive hands-on Customer Service Consulting. As a customer service consulting firm we use benchmarking and business best practices to support our fact-based customer service consulting reviews, analysis, and recommendations.

How our Onsite Review Process Benefits the Enterprise Immediately

Our "actionable discovery and analysis" methods are hands-on insights guided by best practices and our extensive experience on improving processes. We share these insights through visioning meetings as experts in enabling technologies and best practices which benefits the business immediately.

Call Center Consulting, Contact Center Consulting, Customer Service Consulting and Help Desk Consulting

We offer the following services:

  • Comprehensive/Proven Strategic, Operational & Technical Assessment.
  • Holistic People, Process & Systems improvement Roadmap.
  • Implementation & Benchmarking.
  • Business Case CBA & Systems, Desktop Use Case Development.
  • Web eCommerce Self-Service Application Evaluation Analysis & ROI.
  • Desktop Contact Systems Application Evaluation & Selection.
  • End-to-end Business Process Optimization, Analysis & Integration.
  • Multi-channel Workforce Staffing Optimization & Skills Routing.
  • Quality Management Process Evaluation & Design.
  • Contact Center Quality & Training Assessment and Development
  • Business & Technical Support Staff Evaluation & CoE Implementation.
  • Technical Desktop and Application Systems Consulting.
  • Systems Support and 3rd Party Outsourcer Evaluations.
  • Premise/Cloud Applications/Tool Selection Requirements & Evaluation.
  • Operational and Transition As-is > To-be Roadmaps and Guidance.

Strategic Customer Service Consulting - A Collaborative Partnership

Our Strategic Assessment Review & Recommendation commissions often lead to multiple engagements based on the discovered needs and the Roadmap timeline and skilling gaps. We have assisted, lead, supported, evaluated and implemented the technical needs, guided the transformation process and brought training and quality management redesign as follow-on phases. We can provide selection criteria in Job Description and Pay- for- Performance systems.

About Kramer & Associates, Call Center Consultants, Customer Service Consulting Experts

We are certified in call center auditing and benchmarking as well as CRM business process design. We maintain current membership in specialized research sources. We are absolutely vendor neutral. We have a very deep expertise and feel for the offerings and for the execution capabilities of all current contact center technologies.

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